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Crystal mind is a leading online psychologist counseling and Career counseling platform .It is developed and managed by MAESTROSOFT INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES a leading internet based company. Our aim is to use technology to provide convenient .cost effective and trusted counseling service in India. Our counseling services are diverted in to categories like psychologist counseling for mental healing Career guidance counseling and Educational counseling.
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Top Counseling therapy platform in India provides Best Counseling Therapy , psychologist therapy , talk therapy , depression therapy, anxiety therapy , Stress management, depression management ,Martial relationship counseling, relational issue counseling, Career guidance counseling, Career counseling, Educational counseling, Students guidance and Parent Counseling.

Online counseling

Online counseling is providing psychologist counseling and other counseling services over internet such as Video conferencing ,voice call ,email and chatting. Online psychologist counseling is an alternative to traditional counseling where clients meet directly with a psychologist. Unlike traditional counseling therapy where patients directly meet with psychologists in online counseling therapy booking and consulting both are performed through Internet.

online Counseling and psychologist therapy is not for Crazy people any more But it is for our smart people who accept who accept ideas and changes

Who needs counseling

Famous Thinker Rousseau ones quoted “All through the life a man has need of a counselor and guide” once said by Rousseau” yes it’s a truth we all goes through difficult periods in our life . we may feel sad, depressed, anxious, dejected, lost and even your family members or friends can’t find a solution for you. At this stage a psychologist who carefully hears your problems with a non biased view can be very useful. There is a social stigma associated with mental therapy and most people feel ashamed to seek help from a psychologist. Counseling is nor for Crazy people and anyone can seek help from a counselor.

Crystal Mind Features

Crystal Mind is the most trusted talk therapy and psychologist counseling platform because of its features ………

Certified Trained counselors

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100 % confidential and secured

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secured payment

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Crystal mind Consult with Best Counselors and psychologists in India

At Crystal Mind you will be able to consult with top class psychologists and counselors in india. All our counselors are well certified well experienced and they are well trained under senior counselors Most of them had post graduated and they possess proven track record in counseling therapy, depression counseling, cognitive behavior therapy bipolar and other scientific mental therapies.

Meet online with Certified counselors and psychologists

Crystal Mind  counselors goes through multiple interviews and rigourous  training sessions to ensure customer satisfaction. All our counselors are post graduated from reputed universities from India and abroad. They are well aware of scientific counseling therapies, cognitive  behavior therapy, depression counseling, family counseling and performed thousands of counseling sessions .

What you improves with Crystal mind
counseling therapy -

Benefits of family counseling

  • Improves communication and better understanding between family members
  • Reduce conflict within the family
  • Helps Bringing the family together after a crisis;
  • Enhanced relationship and deepens family bondage
  • Gain better parent-child communication

  3 benefits of individual counseling

  • Take Responsibility – confront internal issues to gain clarity and take responsibility of your life and actions
  • Develops a fresh perspective – Explore the conscious and subconscious to recognize harmful habits, behavior and emotions. With talk therapy you will be able to think Your issues with a new perspective
  • Improve coping mechanisms – counseling sessions help improve coping mechanisms for positive changes. Sharing emotions with a counselor help you get on with your life and make it easier to cope.
  • Total improvement in physical and mental plain

Benefits of relationship counseling and couple counseling

  • Improves communication thus resulting in better  understanding among couples
  • Deepens  intimacy and bondage between couples
  • You will be able to Negotiate and re establish commitments
  • Resolve issues before they become major issues
  • Couple counseling leads to better relationship and a better life.
  • Premarital counseling helps build a successful family and marriage:

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